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SimCity 5 this year?

It’s all gone very quiet over at the main SimCity.com website which is very unusual for such a big game. Could this mean that SimCity 5 could be announced soon?
My guess is yes because they haven’t updated the website since last year and there has been no announcement about another expansion pack. Just look at the Sims 2 where they decided to tell us about the next expansion pack by putting a flyer in with the University expansion pack.

EA wouldn’t let a successful franchise like this drop…. so keep checking back here over the next couple of weeks as we bring you more news/rumours of the next installment of SimCity 5!

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  • Mayor Wilson24 January, 2010

    Almost 5 years on and still no sign of SimCity 5.

    Have the aliens invaded SimCity.com and taken everyone to another Planet?

    Maybe a massive disaster struck and everyone is dead?

    It could be that SimCity and its population were wiped out by a nuclear war?

    Who will take this further now? Do we have a hope at all?

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